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10 Reasons to Revamp Your Website Today

Jordan Delgado | 13th November 2020

10 Reasons to Revamp Your Website Today

Jordan Delgado | 13th November 2020

1. Your Website Is Outdated

When did you last have a full revamp of your website?

If the answer if more than 3 years ago, you need to update it as soon as possible. We use the 3 Year Rule as, in that timescale, there are major technological advances that you can take advantage of to ensure your website is performing as well as it can.

Your recent growth may have led to a change of personnel and responsibilities. Your staff page should always be updated to reflect these changes – if this information is outdated, or you have staff listed that have since moved on, it can damage the integrity of your company.

In addition, the way that customers engage with websites has changed. Customers are looking to see a sleek, responsive website that enhances the company brand and gives them confidence in choosing you. An outdated website only gives the impression that you are too busy to do this, or that you don’t care about the online experience of your site visitors.

2. You Need To Update Your Brand

Perhaps your company logo or strapline has changed, or maybe your staff page has wrong or out of date information?

Maybe your business model has changed to combat the effects of Covid-19, but your image and brand doesn’t let your customers know that. Your website should reflect the current status of your business and if it’s not, your customers may be missing out on valuable information.

3. Your Competitor's Websites Are Better

There are many factors that contribute to a great website – image, functionality, ease of access and overall experience. Getting the right balance of these factors is key to having a great website. You may have a better product, and provide better service than your competitors, but if your digital user experience is not up to scratch, you risk losing that trade to your rivals.

  • 94% of a customer’s first impression are based around the design of your website.
  • A poor user experience will drive 89% of consumers to shop with a competitor.
  • 73% of companies are now investing in their brand design to help them stand out in their industry.

With these figures in mind, investing in a high-quality new website is a no-brainer.

4. The User Experience Is Poor

So your brand is on point, your website design is sleek and yet, you’re not generating any additional business online. This could be down to experience that users have when they visit your site.

Complex navigation, dead links, 404 error pages, contact forms requesting too much data – all of these can cause site users to have a bad experience, and ultimately direct their custom to rival companies.

5. To Connect With Your Social Media

The most effective marketing plans understand that, whilst your website is your biggest marketing channel, social media is your biggest platform that will get you in front of the biggest audience. By investing in both, you will ensure that your business activities and news will appear in the social sphere of your target market.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of the reach that social media has, then a new website design can provide you with seamless sharing of your latest content. doing so will allow you to create and nurture an online community

6. Your Website Is Not Secure

If you’ve recently started to shift your business to online trading, then the security of it is vital for protecting your customers and creating a real sense of integrity. Customers will be inclined to turn away from websites that look untrustworthy, especially if these sites take payments for e-commerce. SSL certificates, and secure payment methods come as standard for all Yellow Bear websites.

7. Your Website Ranks Poorly On Search Engines

Making your website visible on the internet is vital to generating more traffic and visitors. Using the right SEO strategies, coupled with regular relevant content updates, will ensure that your website ranks highly on the major search engines and is therefore viewed by more people. Additionally, functionality issues and dead links will damage your rankings and make it harder for your customers to find you.

8. Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Mobile phones (50.6%) have now overtaken laptops and computers (45.5%) as the most common devices used to access the internet. Mobile connection speeds have increased by 19% in the last 2 years alone, suggesting there is no reason this trend will slow down.

As such, mobile compatibility is a must-have for your website. Poor content layouts and difficult menu navigation can leave a visitor with a poor impression of your business.

9. Your Website Does Not Deliver Results

Your website should not just be a page for people to get information. It should be loaded with clever marketing tools to help convert those visitors to into leads and prospective clients. Too many companies view their website as a one-off task and don’t spend the time to review and analyse its performance. Yellow Bear can work alongside you to ensure you get the very best conversion rates out of your website.

10. You've Found An Effective Agency To Work With You

Okay, so this one might be a bit biased but if any of the above sounds familiar to you, it’s time for you to consider revamping your website. Yellow Bear Marketing can work alongside you to plan, develop and execute a stylish website that couples beautiful design with functionality. Our UX and UI specialists will ensure a positive experience for your site visitors. Get in touch to discuss what you need.