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Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Samantha Preedy | 1st December 2020

Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Samantha Preedy | 1st December 2020

So you’ve got your small business up and running and now its time to really push your social media presence.

A social media manager will be an invaluable addition to your small business marketing team. Your social media manager will improve your business operations in many ways.

While you’re doing a great job, it’s better to have a social media expert to manager these tasks so a strategic plan is put in place to ensure your business is getting the most out of your social media presence.

By hiring a professional, you will be confident in the time and resources that are being spent in this area, leaving you with more time to focus on new projects and other important business needs.

Your social media manager’s main priority is to post consistently on each of your platforms. There’s nothing worse than searching for a company on social media, only to see that their page hasn’t been kept up to date.

Your social media manager will know what and when to post on each platform rather than just posting the same message on each. It is so important to stay steady when it comes to your posting on social media, because this is how you will drive traffic to your business website.

Your social manager will create blogs, exclusive offers, promotions and links that will get your followers onto your website. Your social media posts are a way to convince prospective customers to click and see what your business in offering.

Social media isn’t just for advertising your products and services though, its also a customer management tool. Customers expect your business to provide customer service though your socials. According to Forbes, 66% of consumers stop doing business with a company after poor customer service on social media.

Getting your social media manager on board will provide long term success for growing your small business. They will keep your social media presence active, improve customer service and create the perfect branding, make you stand out from the crowd, increase sales and much more